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Miele Products

The cleanliness of your flooring and the indoor air you breathe is only as good as the vacuum you use. Miele products not only seek to purge your floors of dirt and dust, they also rid the air you breathe of germs, dust and other debris you can't see. Without Miele products, dirty carpets and dusty furniture give your overall indoor environment a stuffy, stifling feel. Pumping in air with fans and air conditioners will only make matters worse. Clean the air you breathe as well as the floors with Miele vacuum products.

Founded in 1899 by two German businessmen, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, the Miele Company is a four-generation family-owned and operated business seeking to offer the leading household products in the industry. Expanding to the United States in 1984, Miele products have made a lasting impression on numerous homes with the longevity of their vacuum cleaners. You can enjoy that same term of service with Miele products at the Sew Shop.

The Sew Shop offers a variety of Miele products including the following: Miele vacuumes

Miele Upright Vacuum Products
  • Miele Salsa HEPA S7280
  • Miele Bolero HEPA S7580
  • Miele Calypso HEPA S7280

Miele Canister Vacuum Products
  • Miele Plus S251
  • Miele Antares S4210
  • Miele S5 Aquarius HEPA S5580
  • Miele S5 Callisto HEPA S5280
  • Miele S5 Pisces HEPA S5280
  • Miele S5 Capricorn HEPA S5980
  • Miele S4 Carina S4210
  • Miele S4 Luna HEPA S4580
  • Miele S4 Orion HEPA S4780
  • Miele S5 Aquarius HEPA S5580

Read more about our Miele Products from our Miele Vacuum page.

With the longevity of Miele products, you may require Miele product parts to maintain your Miele vacuum cleaner.  

The Sew Shop offers a large variety of Miele product parts, including the following:
  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags
  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner Belts
  • Miele Car Clean Set Plus
  • Miele Micro Set Mini Attachment Set
  • Miele Midsize Powernozzle
  • Miele Midsize Direct Connect Powernozzle
  • Miele Full Size Powernozzle
  • Miele Turbobrush
  • Miele Handheld Turbobrush
  • Miele Parquet 300-3

Browse our large selection of Miele vacuum parts.

Your Miele product is an investment in the cleanliness of your home. Invest in it with the appropriate care and it will serve you for many years. It is not uncommon for Miele vacuums to last many decades. That's plenty of dust, dirt and debris Miele products suck over many years. If you find that your Miele product isn't pulling the dirt from your flooring surfaces like it once did, the Sew Shop can revive the power of your Miele products.  

For Miele products that make a difference in the health of your environment, visit one of our local vacuum centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822 with any questions you may have. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any questions you may have about Miele products.

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